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Drapery Cleaning

Residential Drapery Cleaning

Window coverings in your home act like a filter for dust, dirt and all other types of airborne particulate. If they are not professionally cleaned, fabric fibres deteriorate beyond repair.

One of our professionally trained installers will come to your home, to examine your window coverings, in the critical areas of sun damage, oxidation, shrinkage and colour loss. After examination, we will give you a free, no obligation, estimate. If you approve, your window coverings are taken down and brought to our plant.

In our plant, your window coverings are examined once again, as to fibre content, fabric condition and types of soils and dyes.

After carefully measuring your window coverings we then process them for cleaning either by washing, dry cleaning or by the ultrasonic process.

During cleaning, your draperies go through a sizing process to restore the body and texture of the fabric. As drapery specialists, we are equipped to add the precise amount of sizing to get the proper body and texture.

After pressing, parallel pleating and installing new pin hooks where necessary, our professional installer returns to your home and rehangs your window coverings.

Additional Services include: Repairs and Fire-Retardant treatments.

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Residential Cleaning Services

Window Coverings Alert: Sun Damage to Draperies

Most textiles, especially draperies, are exposed to sunlight and the atmosphere at some point during their use. Different elements in the environment, like sunlight, microorganisms, industrial fumes, and fungus, can attack textiles, causing chemical degradation and weakening.

The action of sunlight is topochemical; degradation takes place at the fibre surface. This degradation shows up as a loss in fabric strength.

Draperies hang at windows giving no indication that they have undergone this type of attack. It is not until the draperies are put through a cleaning process with mechanical action that the already weakened yarns tear. The cleaning did not cause the tear; it only provided a means for the weakening to become visible.

Window glass filters out shorter wavelengths of the sun’s ultraviolet light which are so damaging. Less exposure to the shorter wavelengths causes less damage to the fabrics behind the glass than fabric being placed outdoors, unprotected.

Residential Drapery Cleaning

Blind Cleaning

Residential Blind Cleaning

We use the ultrasonic cleaning process to clean any of the following: Venetian Blinds, Minis, Micros, Wood Blinds, Pleated & Cellular Shades, Silhouettes, Vertical Blinds, and Roller Shades.

Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the safest and most thorough cleaning processes used in the cleaning industry today. In addition to keeping your blinds clean from anywhere between 1-2 years, the process restores the original finish to make in-home blind maintenance an easier task. Regular ultrasonic blind cleaning also improves a home’s air quality, creating a healthier environment.

Our ultrasonic cleaning process utilizes state of the art ultrasonic cleaning equipment to effectively clean all parts of the blind including those hard to reach places like the head rail, vanes, ladders and cords. Specially formulated cleaning solutions and water conditioners are also used in the process to ensure a perfect job that is safe on blinds. Ultrasonic cleaning technology eliminates the need for using harsh chemicals or excessive force that may damage blinds.

Every blind condition is different prior to cleaning. We will evaluate and address each and every blind before cleaning to ensure and determine if any pre-treatment or additional cleaning procedures are required.

After the cleaning cycle, blinds are thoroughly rinsed and our “natural” drying system ensures a spot free finish. Blinds are completely dried before wrapping to eliminate the problems of vanes sticking together and damaging the finish of the blind. Cleaned & dried blinds are then packaged to ensure cleanliness until they are reinstalled.

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