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Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services

In today’s hotel lobbies, condominiums, offices and restaurants/ bars, furniture represents a major investment.

Furniture adds function and most importantly beauty and appearance in every common area and office. With any good investment, you expect long lasting value. Today’s furniture market has introduced a wide variety of fibres, fabrics, colours and styles.

Before attempting to clean upholstered furniture, identify the fabric and the correct cleaning method recommended by the manufacturer of the furniture. If this information is not on the upholstery itself, it should be accessible through the retailer where it was purchased.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Upholstery Care Tips:

  1. Rearrange cushions occasionally to ensure even use and reduce wear patterns.
  2. Loose cushions should be reversed weekly.
  3. Vacuum often to remove grit that may cause abrasion.
  4. Ultraviolet light (sunlight) will cause fibre degeneration and colour fade. Fabrics must be protected from the sun. Occasionally dyes can fade from impurities within the air.

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