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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Like everything else a condominium building, office, commercial tower, restaurant, or store, purchasing carpets are a valuable investment. The average life of any carpet can be increased by simply initiating a sound maintenance program as soon as the carpet is installed.

The most important benefit of this program is the money saved by not having to replace carpets prematurely. As well the carpet will look great.

Since soil is only visible on the top 1/3 of carpet, waiting to clean carpet until it is visibly dirty, is too long. Because dirt and grit are so abrasive, waiting until the last minute to clean, will shorten the carpets life and detract from the business’s appearance.

The correct maintenance program for any carpet must be tailored to the exact requirements of each commercial facility.

A proper program blends a variety of methods to obtain the best result.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Process:

Hot Water Extraction and steam cleaning are the same process. It is water sprayed into the carpet under pressure and is extracted seconds later. This process can be performed by portable machines or truck mounted equipment. Soiled areas may need to be Pre-Scrubbed before extraction to loosen debris.

Purclean Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning Process:

This system is designed to remove dirt, grime and atmospheric soiling in carpet. An emulsifier is released on the carpet to loosen dirt and spots. Next, a special absorbent pad immersed in a neutralizing solution gently massages all sides of the carpet fibre to remove grime and soiling.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Care Tips

Carpet manufacturers say the three best things for your carpet are

  • vacuum,
  • spot clean, and
  • vacuum.

Regular vacuuming not only removes considerable dry soiling and grit, but it also lifts and restores the pile. 86% of soiling in carpet is dry and can be removed effectively by proper powerful vacuuming and pile lifting.

The type of vacuum used is most important. The best vacuum is a dual motor upright, one motor for the brush and another motor for the vacuum. A brush without a beater bar is best for direct/glue down, and a brush with a beater bar is best for carpet installed over pad.

Top loading paper filter bags are highly recommended. Vacuums should be checked and serviced regularly to ensure proper performance. Canister type vacuums without power driven brush heads are suitable for trash pick up and vacuuming of non-trafficked areas. They are ineffective for pile agitation.

Heavily used areas where immediately off the street traffic occurs should be vacuumed daily to stop the migration of dirt. Medium trafficked areas vacuumed every other day and light trafficked areas usually once a week. Each area should have between 3 to 5 passes for effective pile agitation, vacuuming and soil removal.

It is also imperative that the brush go against the lay of the pile so it stands up when vacuumed. This means the operator should always vacuum in one direction as the other way would lay the carpet fibres down, trapping in the soil.

Additional Services Include:

  • Spot/Stain removal
  • Pet Stain Removal
  • Anti-Static treatments
  • Mold/Mildew treatments
  • Stain Repellent treatments
  • Odour Removal
  • Entrance Matting Maintenance and Sales
Purclean Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning Process

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