2 12, 2022

Odour management in gyms

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Does your condominium building have a gym?  How does it smell?  Odour management in gyms and work out areas is important for overall hygiene, cleanliness, and ambiance. Gyms should feel welcoming and energized. People go to the gym to stay active and fit.  Nothing can be worse than walking into your condominium gym for an

4 11, 2022

Garbage Room Odour Management

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An unhygienic atmosphere can be harmful to a company or a facility’s reputation. Whether you are managing a hotel, office building, or condominium building, any foul odor that lingers causes inconvenience and leads to negative impression of a building or vicinity. For property managers, it is important to understand how odor accumulates and where it

27 09, 2022

Top 3 Benefits of Odour Management

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A clean environment contributes to a sense of wellness and safety. For residents, visitors, and employees alike, being in a clean space is important. Well-scented and hygienic surroundings can have a positive impact because a pleasant scent invigorates the senses and has the power to influence mood and emotions. For condominium property managers, it is

7 05, 2022

How Matting Benefits Healthcare Facilities

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Healthcare facilities are always striving to improve, maintain and protect the safety and well-being of its visitors, patients, and staff. For these facilities their main focus is always keeping their interiors spaces hygienic, clean and sanitized. Floor care is a very important factor when it comes preserving the quality, cleanliness and safety of everyone. A

7 05, 2022

Save Money with The Proper Entrance Matting

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When clients, condo owners, residents, or employees enter a building, the first thing they notice is the floor. If the floor is stained, dirty or dull, it affects the entire ambiance and atmosphere. A poor and unkempt appearance also detracts from the building’s image no matter how much you have invested in the décor. Every

31 03, 2022

Parliament Cleaning Group: Vision and Values

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Matting is essential for providing accessible, safe and functional entrances and environment. At the Parliament Cleaning Group, we have gathered a wealth of expertise and knowledge over time. We hold our vision and values high because they outline how well we serve our clients. Our existing vision and future strategy are committed to always operating

15 03, 2022

The Parliament Cleaning Group: Importance of Customer Service 

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The Parliament Cleaning Group believes in the power of customer service. For a family-owned business like ours, clientele is our priority. Customer service is routed in our company values. It is important for us to serve our clients with the utmost care, attention, and knowledge. For any business, customer service is the sustaining force. It

28 02, 2022

Parliament Cleaning Group: Hiring Process

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Every business owner wants to hire and retain efficient, hard working and reliable staff. Finding the right staff for a service-based business is crucial for any company’s success. But how do we know when we have the ‘right’ staff? The first step is knowing exactly what qualities to look for. Sometimes an individual may not

22 02, 2022

Parliament Cleaning Group: Our Operational Philosophy 

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The Parliament Cleaning Group is owned and operated by the McKinney family. We have been serving Ottawa and the surrounding area since 1996. Our technicians are bonded, security cleared, and insured. We operate on real-time appointments. This means we will be there when we say we will be there! Do you want to know about

30 01, 2022

Maintenance of Entrance Matting

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Entrance matting is one the first things people notice when they enter an office, store, condominium building, or commercial facility. Proper entrance matting creates a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. It is also one the most cost-effective ways to maintain the cleanliness of your common areas. After installing the proper matting for your facility, you