4 10, 2021

Why You Need An Entrance Mat At Every Door

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Are you thinking of purchasing entrance mats for a condominium or facility that you manage? Entrance mats can help create an attractive and appealing welcome for your condominium building, commercial building, store front, or office. Other than aesthetic appeal, they have multiple benefits to help protect your flooring finish, reduce your housekeeping costs, and keep

28 09, 2021

Entrance Mats On Carpeting

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Some condominium and commercial buildings have wall-to-wall carpet right up to the front door. Full carpeting enhances the look of an interior and makes it look professional and well taken care of. For condominium and commercial building managers, their aim is to keep the building inviting, clean and safe. A common method to enhance the

24 09, 2021

Caring For Your Common Elements

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Whether you are a condominium owner, live in one or manage a condominium property, personal safety and building cleanliness should always be top of mind. Proper entrance matting (aka slush mats , winter carpets , rotating mats ) is an intelligent solution to : Reducing maintenance costs Protecting floors Improving indoor air quality Enhancing common

29 08, 2021

Benefits of Entrance Floor Mats for Your Home

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Our home is dear to us, and we are always trying to keep it clean, hygienic, and safe for our family members. Protecting the flooring at home is just as important. If not properly cared for, it may become unsafe to walk on, cause accidental falls and may cause premature and costly replacement. Here are

27 08, 2021

How much water can an entrance mat hold?

By |2021-08-27T20:11:32-04:00August 27th, 2021|General|

One of the most important benefits of installing proper entrance matting is that it minimizes the dangers of accidental slips and falls. In winter we tend to experience a lot of slush and snow that gets carried into buildings and condominiums. The Waterhog line of matting is one of the most trusted and widely used

21 08, 2021

Benefits of “own vs rental” of matting

By |2021-08-21T20:07:07-04:00August 21st, 2021|General|

Proper entrance matting can help create a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. Visitors, clients, and customers tend to form a good first impression when they notice an establishment that is well maintained. Are you a business owner or a condominium manager trying to decide whether you should rent or buy entrance mats? Here are some

13 08, 2021

What makes for an effective entrance mat!

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Entrance mats are beneficial to any building and property for so many reasons. One of the main benefits of using entrance matting is to ensure the safety of people walking into the building. They are also great for improving hygiene and reducing house keeping costs by trapping and holding dirt, debris etc. from migrating into