16 07, 2021

3 Mat Myths…What you should know

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Entrance matting has many benefits and can make a huge difference to the appearance of your building entrance. An effective entrance matting is a necessity for many facilities because of its safety features. The best reason for a facility to have entrance mats is to stop dirt, moisture, and bacteria from entering the building. Mats

12 07, 2021

Proper anti-fatigue matting can help employees maintain their productivity

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The right floor matting can have an impact on how employees feel during and after work. Whether your employees are standing behind a reception desk, in the kitchen for a long period or if they are in an industrial setting, anti-fatigue matting can make a huge difference. Here is how proper anti-fatigue matting can help

29 06, 2021

Advantages of Proper Entrance Matting

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Entrance matting is the first thing we see when we enter a store, condominium, industrial facility, or commercial building. Proper entrance matting creates a safe, clean, and more comfortable environment. It is also the most basic way to ensure the cleanliness of an interior. Visitors, clients, and customers tend to form a good first impression

22 06, 2021

Proper entrance matting can help you save money

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A clean well appointed entrance helps visitors and clients feel welcome. Entrance matting provides security, cleanliness, and safety to an entrance. Proper matting also enhances the appearance level of any condominium, restaurant or office.  Property owners and property managers may think twice before investing in entrance matting.  It may be an added expenditure but there